A local family-owned biking tour company.

A sustainable way of exploring the Caribbean – on two wheels – on an island that was made for cycling, with its wide open spaces along the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, its soft beaches and its cliffs : Barbados.

Meet Randy “Ells Man” Licorish, elite cyclist, professional coach, biking tour guide and co-owner of Bike Caribbean tours, based in popular St. Lawrence Gap. Randy is the second entrepreneur featured in our Part I – The Champions storytelling series.

Watch his story now.

Bike Caribbean, owned and managed by Randy and his wife Natalie, has been in operation for over a decade now. Cycling and mountain biking have gained popularity in the Caribbean over the last 10 years and more recently as a tourist activity as travelers look to experience nature up close and connect with people in the destinations they’re visiting.

At See the Caribbean, our collaborative mission is to show you ways to think outside the box about your vacation while you enjoy the Caribbean sustainably and reduce your footprint as a visitor. Biking couldn’t be a better option to do just that.

All images courtesy of BikeCaribbeanTours.com

As Randy explains in his story, when you’re cycling, you’re out in open spaces, breathing fresh air, and working your mind and your body at the same time. All while you discover a different side of Barbados and meet people, of course. Wellness, culture and adventure all rolled into one.

Last but not least, supporting a locally-owned business like Bike Caribbean has major trickle down benefits – not just for this cycling family, but also for all the children in Barbados who benefit from Randy’s coaching and his 25 years of experience as a professional cyclist in the Caribbean. In his free time, Randy is also dedicated to beach clean ups around Barbados, leading by example.

It doesn’t matter what your cycling level is – whether you’re a nervous beginner or a fearless racer – the next time you’re in a Caribbean destination, rent from a local bike shop, get out there and ride.

Image courtesy of BikeCaribbeanTours.com

To book with Bike Caribbean, visit their website and make your reservations; they’ve kept relatively busy during this time with locals booking private group cycling tours and renting bicycles. You can also follow and support Bike Caribbean, as well as glimpse their Barbados cycling adventures, on Facebook and Instagram.

After hearing about Bike Caribbean and Randy’s story, how open-minded would you be to signing up for a biking tour on your next Caribbean visit?

Sincere thanks to Bike Caribbean for collaborating with See the Caribbean for this story. It’s an honor to showcase Randy and Natalie’s business as an example of locally-owned, sustainable tourism-minded business in the Caribbean.