Part I of See the Caribbean collaborative initiative consists of a series of seven (7) videos that each tell the story of a sustainable tourism “champion” in the Caribbean.

They are champions because they offer immersive tourism experiences that lead to valuable, cultural exchanges between locals and visitors, while leading to positive social transformation and progress for their communities.

The individuals featured in this Part I range from social entrepreneurs to innovative business owners, community leaders, and individuals who are doing their part in sharing a greener, authentic and fun Caribbean experience with their visitors.

Small local businesses and community tourism groups often lack the marketing reach that governments or multinational companies enjoy. They are omitted from glossy destination brochures and from vertically-integrated travel offerings. But they exist; some have operated for decades, while others are more recent. They crossed my path during my 10 years as a sustainable travel journalist or my Caribbean collaborators’ paths.

The Champions range from social entrepreneurs
to community leaders and individuals
who offer experiences showcasing
a green, authentic and fun Caribbean.

Through their stories, we show you how tourism has the power to change lives when you book directly with locally-owned businesses, while illustrating concrete ways you can enjoy and immerse in the Caribbean in the future in an authentic way – in addition to beach time. It’s a win win for the destination, its people and the environment.

You’ll glimpse a different green destination or area in the Caribbean with each story. All of them are accessible, safe, and memorable.

You’ll find inspiration for future places to stay, tour guides, and initiatives that will put to great use your travel dollars while you’re having an epic time.

You can begin viewing the first story of Part I –The Champions on August 3.

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